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Safa Health Care is marking excellent name in the field of Unani Pharmacy. Our blessed Unani Products are engaged in providing suggestions and treatments related to the Sugar Medicine, Control Diabetes, Purifies Blood, Skin Diseases etc.The Unani System of medicine sometimes referred to as the "Greco-Arab" medicine or "Unani Tibb"  is based on Greek philosophy, originated in Greece. Unani word  is derived from 'Unani', Arabic and Urdu for 'Greece'.The theoretical framework of Unani medicine is based on the work of Hippocrates (460-377 BC). 
In recent years, modern science has approved that Unani science teachings and beliefs rooted in the ancient wisdom. This system of medicine is a comprehensive medical system, providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare. It's fundamentals, diagnosis and treatment modalities are based on scientific principles and a holistic approach, considering each individual in relation to his/her environment and emphasises on the health of body, mind, and soul.
We are counted amongst the top Unani Pharmacy involved in offering an extensive range of Unani Products (Dr Hakeem Gulam Quadir). These products are widely used for curing joint pain and heart diseases, sugar medicine, control diabetes, purifies the blood, skin diseases, and various health related problems. The combination of these products is based on an ancient formulation which has been recommended and praised in UNANI SCIENCE System mentioned in the ancient sculptures are available in the market in various customised packaging as per the requirements of our clients. 
Because of busy your schedule time, you can book your Unani Pharmacy appointment online early morning as well as late evening or night. Whether you have a question, are in need of Unani Medicine, or are just in need of Unani consultation, we try to it easy for you to connect when you need us.

Values & Philosophy:
Safa Health Care is committed to making quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the Country. To achieve this commitment, Safa Health Care has established core values and lives by its philosophy that provides the foundations for all of our products.

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